Crochet pattern 18: redux

Last week, using Lamb’s Pride Cotton Fleece, a 4.5 mm hook, and Head Huggers crochet pattern 18, I made a hat which was perfect up until the moment I washed it.

At that point it grew nearly large enough to be used as a fishing net.

Yesterday, I finally did what I knew I must and frogged it. Shortly after that I renewed my effort to make the hat, and yesterday’s efforts, combined with today’s, resulted in a newly completed hat that does not fall below one’s eyes.

crochet chemo cap
Head Huggers crochet pattern 18

Buoyed by the fact that the hat came out so well the second time, I decided to move forward with a crochet sleep cap.

Using a free pattern from the blog “Crocheted Fleece,” a 5.0mm hook, and a skein of Plymouth Yarn’s Dreamland in a minty green, I got to work and finished not only the first six rows of increase:

six rounds of a crochet chemo sleep cap
The first six rounds of a crochet chemo sleep cap

but four additional rows as well:

A crochet sleep cap for the sister of a friend going chemo therapy
Four more rounds of the crochet sleep cap

My friend’s sister had her inaugural chemo treatment today, so I want to get these hats sent off in the next day or two so that she has something to hold her while I work on the rest of her chemo cap wardrobe.

A large part of what I love so much about crafting in general (and crochet in particular) is that in moments that might otherwise be quite bleak, and when it would be easy to feel helpless, I instead have something I can do and ways I can contribute that might not save the world, but that at least make it just a little bit more pleasant, one stitch at a time.


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