Peace, love, and crochet!

Sometimes you get up in the morning and know exactly what you are going to do and how you are going to get it done, and sometimes, life interrupts in unexpected, and in this case, very happy ways and you end up with peace, love — and crochet.

I am, as my regular readers know, nearing the finish of a project I call a Tetrisghan that is based on the video game, Tetris.

I have completed two panels which need to be joined in some manner and given a border to visually frame them.

I decided (over my second cup of coffee), that as soon as I finished the chemo sleep cap for my friend’s sister (which I did):

chemo crochet sleep cap
I finish the chemo sleep cap

I would spend what was left of the day working on the Tetrisghan (which I didn’t).

I was planning how I would approach the issue of the border of the Tetrisghan when my phone rang.

It was my roommate from college.

Over the years, I have waxed rhapsodic to her about crochet and sent her various gifts (including this green eggs and ham rendered in crochet):

Green eggs and ham rendered in crochet
Green eggs and ham

in an effort to persuade her to learn crochet, and today I got my chance.

She was going to be in Raleigh in two-and-a-half hours which gave me just enough time to walk the dog, get ready for the lesson, and drive to the agreed upon meeting place which was (depending on how I hit the red lights) anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes from my house. Today, I managed to hit almost every red light, but eventually, I got to where I was going.

After sending a series of texts to each other asking “Where are you?” we eventually met up by a flower display in a grocery store, and while I am sure a number of people wondered why we were so happy to see each other, we didn’t really care, and once we had exchanged “hello it’s good to see you” hugs, we set out to find a place where we to get to the business at hand.

As it turned out, Sally was a crocheter just waiting to have a hook in her hand.

While she has experience with crafting (having done both knitting and needlepoint), as a child she had known an avid crocheter and spent a good amount of time watching, and today, all that observation paid off.

Here is Sally’s first effort making a chain:

Sally's first crochet chain
Sally’s first chain

here is the resulting swatch:

Sally's first crochet swatch
One view of Sally’s first crochet swatch

here is her evaluation of crochet:

Peace, love, and crochet!
Peace, love, and crochet!

and here we are, sorry to have the lesson be over so soon, but glad to have finally caught up with on another:

Sally and me (crochetbug)
Sally and me

3 thoughts on “Peace, love, and crochet!

  1. Sally is a natural! Can’t wait to see her first afghan. Keep up the good work, Crochetbug.

  2. Sweet photo of the two of you…. Reminded me of how excited I Have been since learning my Bestie of 47 years will be traveling from Colorado to NY this summer and spending a few days @ my place!!!! WOW is she really undertaking the African FLower Hexagon as her first project? Impressive! (Like YOU!!!)

  3. Welcome, Sally, to our world of terrific fun, occasional frustration, and endless, fabulous creation! Love the picture of you both!

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