Crochet peeps

Some of the best friends I have made as an adult, I met as a result of my interest in crochet, and this morning, to my delight, I heard from one of my dear crochet peeps–Vickie.

I had been thinking of her just the day before as I worked on one of two granny square blankets that are on my “to do now” list, and it was this particular friend who introduced me to the joys and wonders of crocheting large granny squares–so large, they are actually blankets.

She had texted to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day, and from there we proceeded to get caught up on a number of topics. I heard about her grand cats, she heard about our neighborhood road runner, and, as you might expect, our conversation sometimes veered onto the topic of crochet.

Eventually, we were as caught up as we could get by text, and she went back to her day, and I went back to mine with the added twist that when I went back to my day, I was once again thinking about my crochet peep.

Using what is now my tried and true great granny square pattern, I worked my way toward completing thirty-six rounds. By sunset on Friday, I had gotten eight rounds in:

A granny square blanket made in the style of one of my dear crochet peeps
Eight rounds in

With twenty-eight rounds still to be crocheted, I found myself crocheting two rounds forward and frogging one round back until I had reached thirteen rounds:

This seemed as good a time as any to set it aside and think about something else, so I got out the other granny square blanket I am working on, and managed to finish two more rounds:

By now, I was spent deciding which color to put where, so I got out my copy of Mei Li Lee’s Hello Kitty Crochet book, and looked for another amigurumi to make–something that wouldn’t have thirty-six different rounds of who-knows-how-many colors–and I settled on the delightful looking Pochacco:

An image of a crochet pochacco (a crochet dog) from Hello Kitty Crochet
An amigurumi Pochacco

And since I wanted the amigurumi to coordinate with the blanket, I didn’t use the suggested colors and instead went with a discontinued light coral and a discontinued rouge that I had in my stash:

A future crochet Pochacco to coordinate with one of the granny square blankets

I still have many stitches to crochet before I can call any one of these projects done, but I know that as I move forward, somewhere, one of my crochet peeps is up, hook in hand, moving forward one stitch at a time.