Two amigurumi frogs join a party

Today I finally finished work on the two amigurumi frogs that have been my main crochet focus for what feels like a month, but is, in fact, just 10 days.

Part of the reason it felt like it took so long was that there were aspects to executing the pattern that I found challenging, and this morning, when I was struggling to secure the little frog feet to the little frog body, I found myself reading over the directions for how to make “basic webbed feet” in my digital copy of Hello Kitty Crochet by Mei Li Lee, and it was in a moment of clarity that I finally saw something that had been there all along.

So I stopped what I was doing, ate my lunch, and then came back to the task at hand (frogging and recrochting the last round of all four of the little froggy feet) and in no time I had both frogs put together:

I get a

Not only did they look pretty cute, the two amigurumi frogs were able to sit up on their own:

Two amigurumi frogs ready for adventure

Then I got out a granny square blanket I am working on and got a photo of all of the Hello Kitty creatures I have crocheted and took this photo:

And while they sat soaking in the spring sun, I took the time to start yet another granny square blanket.

One thing about a pandemic that is both disconcerting and comforting is that life goes on. And with or without a pandemic, babies are born and–at least in my estimation–those new born babies need blankets of welcome; something that says “we’re so glad you could make it in this dreadful pandemic we’re having, because you give us hope.”

So it was with that in mind that I got out my 5.5 mm hook and an entirely different set of colors with which to crochet and I got to work. It went swimmingly until I got to the fourth round, at which point, I hit a color decision wall:

Tomorrow when the sun rises on the new day, I will decide on one of the colors or pick something entirely different, but I will move forward, one stitch, one round, one amigurumi, and one granny square blanket at a time.