The eyes have it

In the calculations I made about how much time I would need to make Keroppi, the frog from the Hello Kitty Crochet collection, one thing I did not accurately estimate was how much time it would take me to correctly place appliqué the eyes, but despite that, yesterday, I finally managed to get the eyes done to my satisfaction:

I finish the eyes on two future amigurumi frogs
The eyes of two amigurumi frogs

With the herculean effort of frog eye placement behind me, I moved onto embroidering the cheeks.

The pattern calls for cutting out small circles of felt and glueing them on, but as the intended recipient is a two-year-old, I thought that something harder to pull off was in order, so I split some worsted weight yarn and got to work.

To my delight, the embroidered cheeks look at least as good as the felt version the is shown in the book. With the cheeks done, I worked another round of crochet on both heads, and then embroidered the mouth. Early in my crochet day today, they looked like happy frogs:

Two amigurumi frogs get their embroidered cheeks and smiles
Two smiling amigurumi frog heads

While I was happy with my progress there were still heads to be stuffed and secured, arms and feet to be attached, bowties to be embroidered, bodies to be stuffed.

I worked as quickly as I could, but the truth is these frogs will not be rushed, so when the time neared to set my crochet aside and walk my dog Clooney I still had some work to do:

Two almost completed crochet frogs

Having gotten as far with the frogs as I was able, I turned my attention to the new “Story Pin” feature I have been using at Pinterest, and I put together another pin–this one featuring the crochet pentagon I use in making my “world famous” crochet soccer ball:

Tomorrow will be a new day, and I will continue moving forward on both the frogs and the story pins, one stitch, and one slide at a time.