Crochet redux: Life imitates crochet

Note to my readers: This post was first published on April 2, 2011 under the title “Life imitates crochet.”

Last night, after a later than usual dinner, I went to take in the sights at the newly opened Whole Foods Market near my home.

In addition to an expansive produce section with a varied array of organic fruits and vegetables and an impressively large section of organic beans and grains that can be purchased in bulk, the sights also included a bakery.

And before I could leave, one of the cupcakes called out to me:

flower frosted cupcake
A delicious yellow cake cupcake with buttercream frosting

It was impossible for me not to notice that the cupcake bore a strong resemblance to a flower I had recently completed for my groovyghan:

big crochet flower
One of the crochet flowers for my groovyghan

So today, when I had finally finished with my Saturday errands and chores, and with the memory of last night’s cupcake still fresh in my mind, I once again turned my attention to the flower motif of the groovyghan.

Having completed the six remaining flowers (each composed of two colors):

six crochet flowers
Six crochet flowers for my groovyghan

I then began to square them off with a third color. After many false starts with one color and then another, I finally got three of the flower motifs done (maybe):

crochet flower motifs
Three crochet flower motifs for my groovyghan

No doubt I will experience some color remorse as I move forward.

With 210 possible flowers to be made from the colors I’m using and room for only seven in the groovyghan itself, I will always wonder about the 203 other flowers that I could have made instead.