Crochet redux: Pi Day Fun

Note to my readers: This post was first published on March 14, 2010 under the title “Pi Day Fun.”

One other note: if you are the sort who likes a lively debate about the value of numbers and feels a need to read a manifesto or two, here is the Pi Manifesto, and here is the competing Tau Manifesto.

I set aside my much awaited granny square sampler afghan today and concentrated on making circles in honor of the mystical, magical number known as pi.

My original plan was to make something of a scarf-ish nature that was reminiscent of a sapphire and diamond bracelet I had seen in a Tiffany catalog. Sadly, my effort fell substantially short of my goal, but I did end up with a medley of circles to commemorate Pi Day 2010.

pi day crochet circles crochet circle
Crochet circles