The Ides of March

With the temperatures well over 70ºF today, early spring has definitely got a toehold in my neighborhood and kicked late winter to the curb. But because it is early (emphasis on early) spring, there are few (if any) leaves on the trees in my neighborhood.

What this means as a practical matter is that more light than usual streams into my house, and even I cannot help but notice the dust that has accumulated over the winter; as I have house guests due to arrive in ten days today, I felt compelled to do something to address the winter accumulation of cat hair, dust, and stick debris which meant that I spent a good portion of the morning with vacuum and dust cloth in hand.

In addition to a major effort to eradicate dust and other particulate and particles, I also decide that with state fair project season nearing, I should spruce up my outdoor office and make it more welcoming. Here it can be seen in it’s natural state:

my outdoor crochet office on the ides of march
My outdoor office work table au naturel

So once I had vacuumed up the fur and dust of the past 12 weeks, I spent a good portion of my crochet day weaving in the ends of the table cozy inspired by Melody Griffiths African beads circular throw. Here is the front:

the front of a circular crochet table cloth based on a crochet african beads pattern
The front of the completed African beads inspired table cozy

here is the back:

The back of the completed African beads inspired table cozy
The back of the completed African beads inspired table cozy

and here it is gracing my outdoor office table:

My outdoor office work table with the recently completed african beads table cozy
My outdoor office work table with the recently completed table cozy

With the decorative cozy completed, I then turned my attention to the Nana squares that have accumulated over the past few days, weaving in the ends and preparing them to be joined to the main body of the Little Boy Blue blanket:

more blue crochet squares for a blue crochet blanket
More blue crochet squares

Now if I can just find some extra time (maybe there’s some stuck between the sofa cushions), I might be able to get this blanket done before the Ides of April.

6 thoughts on “The Ides of March

  1. I so do love that table cozy! My “office” is also outdoors. Sadly so is my mans. oh well..:)

  2. That table cozy is awesome. It looks great on the table. I think I need to look up this pattern now! (although sadly, I do not have any round tables).

  3. Only first seeing this due the the data glitches… LOVE the table cozy!!! Now Makes me wish I had a small round table <3<3<3

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