Eleven by eleven

As a result of continuing technical difficulties with my web hosting service, “yesterday’s” blog post was not online until early this morning.

Unfortunately my website has continued to experience multiple outages throughout the day; rest assured, we are working to resolve these difficulties.

Now, to my blog post.

Today, when I was not attempting to bring order to the chaos that is my crochet empire, I worked on the Little Boy Blue blanket that I want to finish before early April.

When I last wrote about this project, I had completed 8 rows, joined the eleven squares that comprised the ninth row, and made four of the squares needed for the tenth row. Here is how it looked then:

a crochet blanket made of blue crochet squares
The Little Boy Blue crochet blanket as it was

Today, building on my previous efforts with the addition of these squares:

more blue crochet squares for a blue crochet blanket
More blue crochet squares

I finished rows nine, ten, and eleven:

Eleven of thirteen rows of a crochet blanket made of blue crochet squares
Eleven of thirteen rows of the Little Boy Blue project

and was left with 13 of the 22 squares I will need to finish the project:

A rainbow of thirteen blue crochet squares
A rainbow of blue crochet squares

So now there are just two rows between me and having to decide what to do for a border.

As for my readers, I cannot thank you enough for willingness to show up and read what I have to share about my crochet journey.

4 thoughts on “Eleven by eleven

  1. I enjoy your blog and following the journey of your projects. Now if I could only find the ‘fountain of energy’ you seem to have hidden so I could crochet as fast/as much as you! 🙂

    The boy blue blanket is looking great. Loving all those blues.

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