Crocheting cookies

Today the errands and household chores I had successfully put off for quite awhile caught up with me.

Part of it was due to the weather. After several days that were either, too cold, too wet, or both, today was sunny and clear: perfect weather for hanging laundry out to dry.

But eventually, laundry was done, groceries were purchased, packages were posted, and the dog had gotten to visit another neighborhood dog.

With all of that behind me, I was, at last, ready to sit down and crochet, but what would I work on?

There are any number of partially done projects clamoring for my attention that I could have (and perhaps should have) worked on, but between looking over the patterns in Twinkie Chan’s book, Twinkie Chan’s Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies, and admiring this photo posted by one of my Facebook friends who loves to bake:

A plateful of cherry winks

I really wanted to crochet cookies, and so I did.

Here is my first effort to capture in yarn, the glory of an actual cherry wink:

crochet cookie crochet cherry wink
My first attempt at a crochet cherry wink

To my eye, the cherry is not quite right, and while the Red Heart Super Saver cornmeal yarn I used is yellower in person than it is in this photo, the crochet cookie lacks the texture and the warmth of the original.

The next cookie I attempted to tackle is one called the Peanut Butter Blossom, the hallmark of which is a Hershey’s Kiss planted smack in the middle of the cookie:

Peanut butter blossoms

While I was able to do a much better job matching yarn colors to cookie colors in this instance, my crocheted kiss could use a little work. This is even more apparent when viewed from the side, which is why I did not include a photo from that angle:

crochet cookie crochet peanut butter blossom
My first attempt at a crochet peanut butter blossom

The biggest obstacle I have found to crocheting and accurate cookie is finding yarn that is cookie colored. Why, I would like to know, is there no such color as snickerdoodle? or macaroon? or peanut butter for that matter?

While I think that both cookies will benefit from small revisions so that they better reflect the beauty of their IRL (in real life) counterparts, there is something quite wonderful about crocheting cookies that is, in and of itself, restorative.

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