Day 16: My hiatus ends and I feel the rain on my skin

The day started with sunshine and coffee as I finally began to tackle joining row 11 to row 10.

I say tackle because row 10 was joined to rows 1 through 9, and row 11 was joined to rows 12 through 21, so the work was awkward and went very s-l-o-w-l-y.

The awkwardness coupled with the fact that I had a lot of avoidance behavior once I did get started meant that what should have taken 2 hours took me four-and-a-half hours.

But I did get it done, and when I laid rows 1 through 21 out with row 22 (which is the top row of the bottom third of this project) and row 23-to-be, this is how it looked:

crochet circles and crochet squares
Rows 1 through 23

crochet hilbert curve row 23
Working on row 23

Once I got row 23 laid out, the weather, which had been delightful but included a forecast of rain, finally began to shift from a pleasant autumnal temperature with sunshine and a breeze, to phantom raindrops (I could feel them on my skin but not see them on the deck) and not so phantom thunder in the distance that wasn’t so distant.

I did a quick mental triage of the things that I had scattered about my outdoor office. Electronics would come in first ordered by most to least expensive. Next was anything paper. After that, laundry, followed by yarn followed, by the tarp on which I had the state fair project spread out, followed by the zippered plastic bag in which I have been storing my stripped down kit of crochet tools in order to maintain my focus.

Once I had cleared my outdoor office of the electronics, anything paper, laundry, and extraneous yarn that had been out, I sat with my minimalist crochet kit and row 23 and pieced together as much of it as I could before the rain started pouring down.