Day 17: I take a one day hiatus

Today was my youngest son’s birthday, so when I worked out my crochet schedule in the count down to the deadline for the state fair, I made sure that if I got nothing done today, I would still finish on time.

As supportive and loving a child as my son is, I know that if the celebration had included watching mom work on her North Carolina state fair project, the day would go down in the annals of his childhood as the worst birthday ever.

So, instead of a day of making motifs, lacing seams, and weaving in ends, I awoke to my newly minted thirteen-year-old waiting patiently for the Nutella strawberry crepes he had requested for his birthday breakfast while he listened to “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles.

As it happens, my youngest son’s birth was the catalyst for my learning to crochet. Before he was born, I made fabric yo-yos; hundreds of them, many of which are still in a box in my yarn annex waiting to be joined to each other. As my due date neared, I was stricken with anxiety.

I am not the world’s most careful housekeeper, and I was concerned that I would overlook a needle, the baby would find it, swallow it, and there would be a bad result. I determined that solution was for me to find a newer, safer, more baby friendly craft, and I decided that crochet was that craft.

One of my early projects was a small blanket for my newborn son that I adapted from a pattern I found in Better Homes and Gardens Forever Favorite Crochet. Described as a Striped Scrap Afghan, I was, at the time, new to crochet and found that I had to go out and buy full skeins of yarn to get the “scraps” necessary to make the project, and I tried to remain faithful to the color scheme pictured in the book. The design is a masterpiece of what can be done with just a single crochet stitch, athough the blanket I made is only about one-third the size of the original shown in the book:

An overview of the striped scrap crochet afghan that is part of my one day hiatus
An overview of the striped scrap crochet afghan that is part of my one day hiatus

Here is another view of the blanket:

striped crochet afghan
Another view of the striped scrap crochet afghan

The acrylic yarn I used to make this blanket has weathered a lot over the years, and continues to endure, just as this song by the Beatles has: