Day 28: a tangle in waiting

Summer continues to screech to a close, and with each passing day, the temperature gets a little cooler, a few more leaves fall to the ground, and when I wake up tomorrow morning, I will officially have fewer than four weeks to finish my state fair project.

For the past 3 days (today included), I have been able to make the crochet quota I need to make to finish the piece on time. I would like to get a day or two ahead to have a small cushion of time, but my life is not cooperating with this goal.

Today was rife with errands and tomorrow promises more of the same. But each day, I press forward, crocheting a circle in two rounds, squaring off the circle with one more, joining one square to another, and weaving in ends.

Today, after I had my first cup of coffee, I laid out row 14 and joined some of the squares one to another. Here is a photo with everything laid out and waiting to have the seams laced together and ends woven in:

The first 14 rows with some long ends waiting to tangle
The first 14 rows with some long ends waiting to tangle

crochet circles crochet squares
Detail of the first 14 rows

Tomorrow I want to finish joining the squares of row 14 and attach rows 13 and 14 to the already attached rows 11 and 12, in an effort to make this project look a little more like what it will eventually be and a little less like a tangle waiting to happen.

2 thoughts on “Day 28: a tangle in waiting

  1. You can do it!!! At least you have the yarn for your afghan. I am waiting on my to arrived from Hobby Lobby. Hopefully it comes today so I can get started.

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