Day 4 of Because Vikings

While Halloween is six days away, my youngest son and his friend need their crochet Viking helmets by Wednesday. For whatever I reason I thought it would go more quickly than it has, and so as I entered into day 3 and day 4 of this viking adventure, I spent my crochet time this weekend making crochet horns for said crochet Viking helmets.

I managed to get six done; four for the helmets for my son and his friend, and two for a third crochet Viking helmet that is meant to be a surprise:

crochet horns
Six crochet horns for three future crochet Viking hats

I was, in a way, sorry to be done with the horns, because by the time I got to the fourth one, I had gotten in what could best be described as a crochet Viking helmet horn groove, and I probably could have made at least three more in the time it took me to make this incredibly modest progress on the base of one of the helmets:

base of a crochet viking helmet crochet hat
I begin work on the base of a crochet Viking helmet

Practice, it seems, even makes crochet Viking helmet horns more prefect, or at least helps you get the done more quickly.

And with Wednesday now just three days away (and this is a deadline I really don’t want to miss!), I had best pick up my hook, yarn, and crochet tension regulator and get back to work.

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