Day 7 of my Project Linus project

There are about 19 hours left in my crochet countdown to finishing this project that must be in the mail tomorrow, so tonight’s blog post is, of necessity, going to be brief.

One of the things I needed to address today was what would fill the corner spaces of the finished blanket. Using the information at the Project Linus blanket challenge as a guide, I fashioned this “Joe Cool” Snoopy for the center of a square. While he still needs ears and a couple of rounds of squaring off, I think it will work:

a crochet dog face for a crochet square for the corner of a crochet blanket
Snoopy as Joe Cool

I also had to finish crocheting the small squares of confetti that would be used to decorate the strips along the side, and attach them. As of sunset, I was not quite done with either the crochet confetti or the work of appliquéing it to the crochet strips it will decorate:

two crochet stripe strips decorated with small crochet squares
I trick out the two side crochet strips

Last, but not least, is the overview of the entire project as of sunset today:

the pieces of my Project Linus crochet blanket laid out for review
A proposed layout of the pieces of my Project Linus crochet blanket

There is a lot more I could say about this project, but if I do, I might not get it done.

One thought on “Day 7 of my Project Linus project

  1. I cannot believe you are able to “throw together” something like this, just off the top of your head and in no time at all. On the other hand, having followed you for as long as I have…yes I can! This is going to be another spectacular piece of work!

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