Day 8: The penultimate Monday

With just 8 work days between me and the deadline for my state fair project, I woke up this penultimate Monday ready to get to work on it. With my breakfast eaten and a cup of coffee nearby, I set myself up in my outdoor office. Row 27 had several squares attached to row 26, so the first order of business was to finish attaching the row.

By mid-morning, all the squares of row 27 were attached to the squares of row 26, and I was chilled to the bone. It was time to make more motifs and get myself indoors where the temperature was not as refreshing or bracing as it was outdoors.

Once I had all of my yarn and tools situated, I set to the next task: making more circles, weaving in their ends, and then squaring them off.

Several hours and interruptions later, I packed up my recently completed motifs and went outside again where light is vastly superior to the light in the areas of my home that are not cat hair rich, and I laid out the squares for row 28.

Realizing that it was nearing the time I would need to leave the house to get my son to his choir practice and that I would be home well after the sun had set, I grabbed my camera and got these pictures of my work for the day:

Seven rows of a Hilbert curve made of crochet squares with a crochet circle at the center
Rows 22 through 28 oriented horizontally

Seven rows of crochet squares with a crochet circle center
Rows 22 through 28 oriented vertically

I have to admit, I do enjoy the look of the ends not yet woven in, giving the project a Jackson Pollock flair, but when the sun rises on the new day, I will dutifully pull one of the bent-tipped needles from my chibi and carefully weave in the ends that remain and get started on the next row.

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