Doing, Undoing, and Redoing

Sometimes crochet is about doing, sometimes it is about undoing, and sometimes it is about redoing. For me, today was a day of redoing.

Having resolved one crochet emergency, I was able to concentrate my efforts on the other project that is giving me particular fits: a shawl made of 3 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun Yarn.

The first skein went reasonably well, and I made very few errors. The second skein — not so much. I routinely missed the last stitch of the row or inserted the hook into a stitch in such a way that it left an unattractive gap. I had a lot of ripping out to do. Here is a close up of my work:

Detail of a crochet shawl
Detail of a crochet shawl

In addition to all of the redoing the shawl required (which is now one skein away from completion), I also redid the last round of one of the squares of the-afghan-that-has-eluded-me.

I had originally used Red Heart Super Saver yarn in a color called delft. Normally, delft is one of my favorite colors, but when I laid all the squares out, it was clear that in that particular place, in that particular instance, it was not the best choice.

I got out my considerable stash of yarns, pulled out the offending round and reworked it in another color. When I have daylight to work by tomorrow, I will be able to lay out the squares yet again and decide if there are any others in need of remediation.

I really like it when I have one of those crochet days where everything I do comes out right. Mistakes aren’t made, or if they are, I notice right away and am able to pull out the offending stitch before I’ve made several hundred other stitches that will need to be pulled out to get to it, coffee doesn’t get spilled on works in progress, crochet hooks are not misplaced.

But these days where I find myself working through my myriad mistakes are as important as those days when I get everything right.