Wrapping up loose ends

I have nearly finished both of my emergency crochet projects, but as with every project I begin, there have been unanticipated details. Despite the niggling details that popped up, I did manage to get Georgina (the monkey for my mom’s friend) out in the mail today, but only after completing a second costume for her and searching (briefly thank goodness) for exactly the right box.

I went to see a production of Wicked last night, and afterward it was clear that Georgina needed something to commemorate the event. What I came up with were Elphaba inspired accessories. Here is a photo of Georgina in all her pointy-hatted, lime-green-boa glory:

crochet monkey
Georgina the crochet monkey in an Elphaba inspired costume

I also have two additional pictures of the monkey in what is, for Georgina at least, her everyday accessories:

crochet monkey on a train step
Georgina the crochet monkey sitting on the step of a train

A crochet monkey waving goodbye from a caboose
Georgina the crochet monkey waving au revoir from a train

So now that Georgina has been packed up and shipped off to her new home, I am free to concentrate on a shawl I am working on which I sincerely hope to have done by Sunday at the latest, and that will lead me back to the afghan-that-has-eluded me.

Sometimes when I am in the throes of completing a project, I erroneously believe that it will never get done. But the fact is, that despite my efforts, everything eventually comes to an end.