Drops circle jacket

Having finally decided on the particulars of the design for my 2010 state fair afghan (961 2.5″ squares) and mapped out a schedule for completion (make 31 squares a day every day of August, and then begin assembling them on the first of September), I decided that the best way to spend the last four days of July was to start a brand new project.

I settled on this sweater:

Drops circle jacket

I found an example of the sweater while I was looking at completed projects at ravelry the other day; to my mind, it looked like the embodiment of fun. The pattern for the circle jacket is a free pattern available from Drops Design. The directions are accurate and easy to follows and the pattern itself works up reasonably quickly.

And, if like me, you are unable to bring yourself to crochet in just one color, the design also lends itself to changing colors every now and then.

This is what I have been able to get done so far:

psychedelic crochet circle jacket
My rendition of the Drops circle jacket

After I finish the last of round of green, I will have nine more rounds of the circle and two sleeves to complete.

With any luck and a lot of work, I will get it done by Saturday night.

12 thoughts on “Drops circle jacket

    1. Me either! I am up before 7 this morning as a result of the cat, and I’m not even angry with her about it because I am working on the jacket. 🙂

  1. I am in love and am sooooo going to make this!!! (not in your colors.. prolly just one color for me, but yours is really funky cool too! ) <3

  2. I saw this sweater done in white, and that was my inspiration for what I did. I hope you have as much fun making your sweater as I had making mine.

    1. I did use a 4.0mm hook to get the gauge. I tend to crochet loosely, and while I seldom use a hook that much smaller, that is what I had to used to get the gauge in this instance. Also, I was using an Etimo hook. I don’t know how much difference that makes, but they have practically no drag at all.

  3. Thanks, Leslie, but I didn’t get the e-mail .The photo is
    perfect. I made too many arm holes.I read the instructions in correctly. Thanks again.

  4. Thank you so much for posting the picture of your partially completed work! I was also having issues with the arm holes but seeing the picture showed me exactly what they were talking about! Thank you!!

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