Eight days to the deadline

There are now just eight days to go meaning that there are 192 hours between me and the deadline for the 2016 North Carolina State Fair.

My progress has been slow at times, but in an effort to jumpstart some finishing mojo, I made this Scooby Doo inspired baby sweater using Moogly’s Eloise baby sweater pattern:

scooby doo crochet baby sweater
A completed Scooby Doo inspired baby sweater to generate crochet mojo for the eight days to go until the deadline

With ends woven in and trimmed, the sweater washed and blocked, and the buttons sewn in place, I was able to place it squarely in the ta-done column, and with that I turned my efforts toward organizing my work space so that over the seven full workdays that remain I have less packing up and putting away to do.

I started by packing up several boxes of things I have been meaning to get out in the mail. Then I swept up dog hair, put away all yarn and crafting tools I am not using for my main project, and (with the help of my youngest son), moved my dining table into the living room so that I could have better light to work by during the day.

With those tasks completed, I moved on and finished tricking out this fan:

crochet fan for crazy quilt afghan with embroidery
A tricked out crochet fan for the crazy quilt panel

and then crocheted two more crazy quilt pieces for the center panel:

two crochet pieces for a crazy quilt afghan
Two new crochet crazy quilt pieces

I have no choice now but to put on blinders and get to work.

I will have to ignore dog hair, cat hair, dust, and cobwebs. I will be serving more tuna fish and macaroni and cheese over the next few days, but I will continue to move forward, one stitch at at time.

5 thoughts on “Eight days to the deadline

  1. Onward! Sending crochet mojo to help you on your way. Remember, dog hair, cat hair, and cobwebs are available anytime; State Fair season, like Christmas, comes once a year.

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