Six days to go

At this point, it doesn’t feel to me as if I have gathered the momentum I need to finish this project and unless I can stuff a month’s worth of work into six days, I’m not sure how I will get this done.

Much of what is left to do is very detail oriented with lots of seams to join and ends to weave in.

For the most part, what is left to do doesn’t work up quickly, so after I finished crocheting one of these pieces and tricking out both of them:

embroidery on crazy quilt crochet
Starting to put it all together with six days to go

I turned my attention to the fourth corner of the project which has sat undone for over a year now:

granny squares crochet corner
The fourth corner of the crochet blanket in need of assembly

After tracking down the colors I needed to complete the joining, I cut the requisite lengths of yarn, threaded the yarn needle, and got to work. What I had when I was done was this:

tambour crochet granny squares
The fourth corner ready to go (almost)

Relieved that I had gotten something done, I then got out my Vanna’s Choice toffee yarn and set to work figuring out how I would frame the pieces, and I got as far as this with one of the corners:

tambour crochet granny squares
I try framing a corner with the toffee yarn

Satisfied with my progress on joining the overall project, I then turned to more of the detail work and managed to put these pieces together:

embroidery on crochet pieces
Starting to put it all together with six days to go

I still have a long way to go, so I guess I had better get to it.

4 thoughts on “Six days to go

  1. Just try & stay focused on the project, not the time left. Try not to be nervous. One stitch, one section, before you know it, you will be finished. I can’t wait to see it.

  2. One stitch & one day at a time. I believe you’re creating a little masterpiece here. Very unique, even for you. So, if you need to postpone your entry until 2017, I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. I believe this project has a mind & heart of its own, so follow its lead & be at peace w/the timing outcome.

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