The piecing continues

“The piecing” as I think of it, is a rather time intensive process, and time is something I never seem to have enough of. Yesterday after I worked out the details of this bullion stitch flower:

flower embroidered on a crochet piece
Detail of the corner of a corner crochet motif

I had a chance to show it to my mother who then asked me a question I had not stopped to consider: So will you have time to block this?

The real answer was “no, not really.” Truth be told I don’t feel as through I have the luxury of time required to block a piece.

But this morning as I looked at the panels I had completed, I realized that I should block them.

So even though I live in what is termed a “humid subtropical climate,” and even though moisture from Hurricane Matthew is headed my way even if Hurricane Matthew is not, I decided to block the pieces.

I started with the four corners:

Four crochet corners with tambour crochet
The four crochet corners, blocked and drying

and then moved onto the top and bottom center panels:

crochet panels composed of crochet squares
Top and bottom center crochet panels, blocked and ready to go

And then I ran out of dry towels that I could use to get the water out of the blocked pieces.

Fortunately for me, the rain that was forecast had not started to fall, so I was able to put all of my towels and crochet panels out on my back deck to dry.

Then, mindful of the fact that the weather could change with barely a moment’s notice, I began decorating and joining new crochet pieces for the crazy quilt center panel:

bullion stitches on embroidery
A new piece for the crochet crazy quilt panel
embroidery on crochet
Another new crochet piece with embroidery for the crazy quilt panel
the piecing of crochet crazy quilt elements with embroidery
The piecing continues
center embroidered crochet panel
The center panel begins to take shape as the piecing continues

and although it is starting to come together, I have only three full days left to get this done, so I will return to the panels this evening working forward one stitch at a time.

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