Even more crochet elephants and hearts

Sometimes when I begin work on a project I have a definite plan and a specific goal, and sometimes I am just the crocheter along for the ride which is where I find myself with my simultaneous but separate elephants and hearts projects. Unable to decide which I wanted to work on, I made even more of both motifs.

I started making the elephants because I came across this adorable pattern. I decided to make one hundred and one of them because that is how many elephant jokes are in my favorite joke book ever: 101 Elephant jokes, and over the last couple of days, I managed to add five more elephants-to-be toward that goal:

Even more future crochet elephants
Even more future crochet elephants

I started making the hearts because Saint Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and every year as the holiday approaches, I crochet hearts. This year, I found this Boho Heart pattern, and yesterday, I spent a good amount of time working on the centers for quite a few hearts.

Here is what I got crocheted:

boho crochet hearts
More boho crochet hearts

What is clear from both photos is that there is a lot of work yet to be done, and while I have no idea where either journey will lead, I am enjoying myself as I make my way, one stitch at a time.

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