Everything’s coming up crochet roses

Part of my plan to bring order to my crochet empire involves using what I have, and to that end, I have been making what seems like endless squares from a sizable stash of crochet rosettes that I have at my disposal, and by the time the day was done it seemed everything was coming up crochet roses.

The crochet rosettes came to be because in 2014 I thought they would make an awesome border for that year’s state fair piece. I crocheted them in pink and orange and red, and yellow, and while they are awesome on their own, as a border, they were overwhelming.

Fast forward to 2016.

I thought (erroneously) that I was going to finish what had started off as my 2015 state fair piece. It was going to be a two-year effort, but it was going to be worth it, and again, the lovely little crochet rosettes beckoned to me.

“Leslie,” they said, “we want to be part of something grand. Please, please, include us.”

So this time, I crocheted them in one color and one color only — a muted and very pretty gold. My thinking was that worked in one much quieter color, they would be more able to take a back seat to the larger design. This time, however, they were visually too heavy for the piece, and I once again found myself setting even more crochet rosettes aside.

And now, in an effort to at long last bring order to my empire, I am making squares. Five and six-inch squares for Project Amigo, and seven-inches for my own personal use. Just exactly what the personal use will be, I don’t yet know, but in the meantime, I have focused on using what I have as it relates to crochet rosettes.

Initially, I whipstitched them together into a seven-inch square like this one:

crochetbug, crochet roses, crochet flowers, textured crochet flowers, crochet squares, granny squares
A second nine-patch crochet rosette granny square

While I love the look, the work is a little fussy, and yesterday, want to do some crochet that was a bit more carefree, I took one of the rosettes, and added more crochet rounds using the color of the flower at the center of it all:

crochetbug, crochet roses, crochet flowers, textured crochet flowers, crochet squares, granny squares
Another variation on a crochet crochet granny square

I was pretty pleased, so I did three more:

Everything's coming up crochet roses
Everything’s coming up crochet roses

Happy with my progress on the crochet, I decided to take some time to write the pattern for the rosette motif, which I did.

Here is a Crochet Rosette Granny Square Motif Tutorial, that you can take with you wherever you have yarn, a hook, and the time to crochet, and you too can have everything coming up crochet roses.

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