Fat bag fever

I had, as usual, any number of things today that needed doing, and while I did many of them, by the time mid-afternoon arrived, I was no longer able to resist the clarion call of yet another future fat bag.

As I worked on my recently completed fat bag:

crochet granny square crochet fat bag
An unfelted crochet fat bag in its native habitat

my mind wandered away from the specific fat bag I was working on to what I came to think of as the “anatomy of a fat bag.”

As I thought about what makes a fat bag a fat bag (usually it is based on a square or a rectangle), I realized that the center panel of the Better Homes and Gardens Granny Sampler Afghan was an excellent candidate for a fat bag:

rectangle of crochet squares granny squares
A portion of the center panel of the crochet Granny Sampler Afghan

Determined that this was something I had to do right now, I got out my 3.5 mm hook along with my stash of acrylic yarn and set about to find out just what sort of a fat bag these nine (the two three-round grannies are counted as one square in the pattern) squares
would make.

I started where I always start this project, with Square D-2. I had a difficult time settling on a color for the final round, but finally went with Red Heart Super Saver blue suede:

crochet fat bag crochet square
Crochet Square D-2 for a future fat bag

I then moved onto square E-2, using a variegate acrylic yarn from Craftsmart, in a color way called fiesta for the center, and then using Red Heart Super Saver dark orchid and spring green for the next two rounds:

crochet fat bag crochet square
Crochet Square E-2 for the future crochet fat bag

Seeing the squares side-by-side:

crochet fat bag crochet squares granny squares
Two crochet squares for a future crochet fat bag

I think I will revisit my choice of blue suede for the final round of square D-2, and I will frog the last round of E-2, add another round of single crochet using the dark orchid, and then rework the final round again in the spring green so that the squares will fit together more neatly when joined.

In the meantime, tomorrow is the first and final day to pick up state fair entries, so I need to make sure I have my ticket handy, so I can hit the ground running.

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  1. i think i need to figure out what a fat bag is exactly and how one is made, then finally break down ‘n learn how to crochet. i ADORE this bag!

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