I make square 77 and revise squares D-2 and E-2

I knew today would be busy.

By 9:10 when I walked through the door of Michael’s to check out the yarn selection, I had gotten my youngest son off to school, eaten breakfast, done what exercise I was going to do, packed up an assortment of crochet to work on while I waited for my mom (today was the hand surgery that necessitated last week’s pre-op visit), taken Clooney to doggy day camp so he would not get into mischief in my absence, and gone to the state fairgrounds to pick up my 2012 state fair entry.

And while there was technically nothing I “needed” in Michael’s, I did end up walking out with (after I had paid for it) a skein of Loops & Threads Impeccable in a cherry color that had caught my eye:

yarn vomit
My not so impeccable attempt to find the inside end of a skein of Loops & Threads Impeccable Cherry

From there, I headed over to the nearest coffee shop (Bean Traders) to fortify myself with a cappuccino, then picked up my mom and began the trek from her home to the Duke Ambulatory Surgical Center for a trigger finger release.

The Ambulatory Surgical Center has a few things I really like: all the hot chocolate and coffee you can drink, good wi-fi, and excellent light to work by.

Since I had already met with disaster attempting to find the inside skein end of my new cherry yarn, I decided that the best thing to do was to use as much of it as possible, and I settled on crocheting square 77 from Jean Leinhauser’s 101 Crochet Squares .

The construction method for this square is not like anything I have previously done, and although it is eventually worked in the round, it starts out with this series of loops:

a series of crochet loops for a crochet square
I begin work on Jean Leinhauser’s crochet square 77

Brief moments of doubt intermittently plagued me as I worked this square, but eventually I finished it, and it looked exactly right:

crochet square granny square
Crochet Square 77

With square 77 completed, and the offending skein reduced to a smaller tangle hazard than it had been, I revisited yesterday’s future granny sampler fat bag squares.

I started by frogging the spring green 3dc shells that comprised the last round of square E-2 and adding a round of single crochet stitches using the dark orchid. Then, using the same spring green yarn I had just frogged, I reworked the final round of square E-2, and here is what I ended up with:

crochet fat bag crochet square
Crochet square E-2 with an additional round of single crochet in dark orchid

a slightly larger square that looked almost exactly the same as it had.

By now my mom’s surgery was done with, she was in recovery. In short order, I gathered up my traveling assortment of yarn, and we left Duke Ambulatory Surgical Center.

Once I got home, I again turned my attention to yesterday’s remaining square.

After I had finished square E-2, I began to have doubts about the final round of square D-2. I frogged one side of D-2 that I had worked in blue suede and and tried pumpkin instead.

Pleased with the change, I finished frogging the blue suede and completed the square with the pumpkin:

crochet fat bag crochet square
Crochet square D-2 with a new color on the final round

Here is how the two squares looked yesterday:

crochet fat bag crochet squares granny squares
Two crochet squares for a future crochet fat bag

and here is how they look after revisions:

crochet fat bag crochet squares
Crochet squares D-2 and E-2 after crochet revisions

I may frog the spring green round again and work it with a treble crochet stitch rather than a double crochet stitch to get a better fitting square, but I think I will sleep on it first.