Fat bag Thursday

Today’s weather (in advance of the remnants/outer edges of Sandy which are expected to arrive this weekend bearing at least a couple of inches of rain) was as wonderful as yeterday’s, so as soon as the sun had risen and chased off any chill, I set myself up outside and picked up where I had left off yesterday as sunset neared: with square B-4.

I both love and hate this square.

I love it because it is awesome; I hate it because it is a difficult fit. At one point it cups, and then, after a couple of rounds, it begins to flatten out, but it does not (as is hinted at in the photo) behave on its own:

crochet square for a granny square crochet purse
Crochet Square B-4 for the granny square fat bag

Once I had B-4 completed, I began work on the leftmost square of the row: F-1.

Except for a couple of color hesitations that were frogged early on, it was a straight forward endeavor:

crochet square for a granny square crochet purse
Crochet Square F-1 for a granny square fat bag

With these two squares completed, I turned my attention back to D-2, a square that has proved troublesome because when made as called for in the directions, it did not fit as well as I would have liked.

Here is my first effort making the square for this fat bag project on its own:

crochet square granny square fat bag crochet purse
Crochet square D-2 with a new color on the final round

and here is how it appeared with its neighboring squares:

Six crochet squares for a future granny square fat bag
Six crochet squares for a future granny sampler fat bag

Crocheting with a 3.5mm hook and worsted weight yarn creates a firm fabric that will better hold its shape, but that firmness also makes the fabric created less forgiving, so rather than attempt to make the somewhat too large square that I had already made fit with the noticeably smaller squares, I decided to make a similar, but smaller cousin to square D-2 which can be seen on its own here:

crochet square for a granny square crochet purse
A reworked smaller crochet square D-2

and here with its fat bag-to-be compatriots:

crochet squares for a granny square crochet purse
An overview of my future granny square crochet fat bag

I have one “square” yet to make for this bag, which is not really one square, but two small squares joined to make a rectangle that fits between squares F-1 and B-4, and then, I will be ready to begin the process of taking these squares and making them into what I hope is a spectacular fat bag.

5 thoughts on “Fat bag Thursday

  1. I love the reworked smaller D2 colors! What is the main center color? Is that the Grape Fizz that you picked up recently?

  2. Another gorgeous bag on the way…B4 is my favorite square. Love the color combinations.

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