S-l-o-w c-r-o-c-h-e-t

The last two days I have had the opportunity to enjoy some of the nicest weather of the year.
The leaves have begun to fall, there is just a touch of chill in the early morning air, but by ten o’clock in the morning, although the air is crisp it has still been warm enough to sit outside and comfortably work on my crochet.

Which is exactly what I did for most of the day.

I started with square H-1 from the Better Homes and Gardens Granny Square Sampler.

Using my 3.5 mm Clover hook and Red Heart Super Saver coffee, lavender, cherry red, medium thyme, and shocking pink, along with Red Heart With Love’s mango, I worked at a leisurely pace and eventually finished the the square.

Here is how it looked on its own:

crochet square for a crochet purse
Crochet Square-H-1-for-the-granny-sampler-fat-bag-to-be

and here is how it looked with its compatriots:

Five crochet squares for a future granny square fat bag
Five crochet squares for a future granny square fat bag

From there, I moved to square F-2, and after 10 minutes of searching, I found my notes in a blog post I had written about the changes I had found necessary to make the square so that it would more closely resemble the square appear as it is in the book than it would if crocheted according to the written directions.

Here is square F-2 on it’s own:

crochet square F-2 crochet purse
Crochet square-F-2-for-the-future-granny-sampler-fat-bag

and here it is with the other squares it will be joined with:

Six crochet squares for a future granny sampler fat bag
Six crochet squares for a future granny sampler fat bag

Happy to have finished the second row, I persisted and began work on the third.

Here is the center of square B-4:

crochet star at the center of a crochet square
The crochet star at the center of crochet square B-4

a square on which I made continued progress, but did not complete before sunset:

seven crochet square for a granny square fat bag
I start work on the 7th square for the granny sampler fat bag

Square B-4 is the rightmost square in this third row, a row which will require some maneuvering on my part to make everything fit, so once I finish with this rightmost square, I will move to the leftmost square and adjust the center square as needed to get the fit necessary for a future fat bag.

And if the weather report is accurate, tomorrow will once again be perfect for a day of slow crochet.