Fifteen days to the New Mexico State Fair deadline

I don’t think I have really and truly grasped the reality of the New Mexico State Fair deadline. It is just fifteen days away, and I am agonizing over colors like I have all the time in the world. I know I don’t but that doesn’t stop me from spending a lot of time thinking about the squares that might have been.

But first, I went to the bakery near my house to get some apple strudel to fuel my creative efforts.

When I returned, I got back to work, starting with these two squares:

Two not quite finished Flamboyant Afghan squares fifteen days before the deadline

The square on the left needed a bit more Red Heart Super Saver lavender to finish out the fourth round. I had plenty of it, so that was going to be no trouble at all. As for the square on the right, I had decided on what color I would use for the fifth and sixth rounds, but after finishing the fifth, I changed my mind, and I ended up texting this photo to my youngest son for what I call “a color consult.”

Deciding on a color for the sixth round

I wasn’t a hundred percent certain I agreed with his choice, but the easiest way to lose a color consulter is to not listen to what they tell you, so despite my ambivalence, I went with the advice I was given.

Next, I had to work on the the other square. I found the lavender yarn, finished the fourth round, and moved onto the fifth round without asking anyone anything. Then I got to the sixth round and when faced with these two options:

Deciding on a color for the sixth round of crochet

I sent another text, got a quick reply, and then, because I don’t want to lose the respect of my color consulter, I went with the color on the right as suggested.

And when all was said and done, I think he did a pretty good job guiding me to the finish of these two squares:

The same two squares nearly state fair ready

And while my progress was not super efficient, I did finish two additional squares bringing my grand total to six:

Six Flamboyant Afghan squares finished fifteen days before the deadline

With ninety-three squares still to finish and only fifteen days to do it, I don’t really have enough time to treat each round of each square as if it were this overdue baby blanket

Blocked and ready for adventure

that I made several years ago and which took me a longer than it should have to complete, rather I need to move forward one stitch at a time, and leave the second guessing to someone else.