The Flamboyant Afghan gets some crochet traction

If I were to think about what I have to get done in the next thirteen days, my brain space might very well be taken over by anxiety, so the only solution I can come up with to make sure that I continue to move forward with the crochet traction I have finally achieved is to stop thinking and just do.

There simply isn’t enough time between now and the deadline to give it a whole lot of thought, and unless I can figure out a way to make a team of robots that I can direct in helping me to do the work, I’m pretty much limited to my two hands, and the 24-hours in each day that every one else has, so with that in mind, I began by weaving in the ends of five of the six squares I had recently finished:

I get crochet traction on the Flamboyant Afghan by weaving in ends

Weaving in the ends gave the squares a more polished look and made me feel good, but I remembered that on Friday and Saturday I have somewhere I need to be, and while I could weave in ends while I am there, I cannot reasonably expect to have access to the light I need to make this Flamboyant Afghan, flamboyant in the ways I want it to be, so I decided that in the interest of creating as much crochet traction as possible, I would finish squares and leave them ready to have the ends woven in, and today, I finished six more squares toward that goal:

Six finished Flamboyant Afghan squares with ends to weave in

I took more time than I had hoped to, hesitating, then unraveling colors that I thought might work but which didn’t. However, I did at finish six more squares, and when photographed with the other six squares, they really started to look like something:

The first dozen Flamboyant Afghan granny squares

And, as it happens, some of those hesitations has also gained some crochet traction, and I had another half dozen squares nearing completion:

Six squares ready to be completed

It can be hard to know when you start a project of this nature, exactly how it will (or will not) unfold, but I am moving forward, one stitch, one round, and one square at a time.

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  1. Good work! Your crochet journey has brought me so much inspiration for my own. Just one stitch at a time!

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