Five crochet heads, all in a row

When I began work on Mr. Bone Headz, I only planned to make the Mr. Bones skeleton and one mummy head to put on top of it. But like so many projects I start, it morphed into something else, and today I finished the last of the five crochet heads.

The pop-off head I had yet to make was a skull. I crocheted the head itself according the instructions but when it came to the features, I used a bright pink yarn instead of the suggested black. Another I change I made was to the nose. Because I had extremely limited success crocheting one as directed,, I found a super simple crochet heart which I made with two plies of a four-ply worsted and a 3.25 mm hook; it was a substantial improvement over my first efforts:

Mr. Bone Headz with a skull

But when I put the skull on Mr. Bones, it seemed something was missing. Then I recalled Edson, Hamster of Action, an amigurumi I crocheted many years ago. I decided that the skull, like Edson, needed a beret.

So I took my hook to more of the bright pink yarn, and after several miscounts that required some frogging to get back on track, I had a beret for the the newly completed skull, and the skeleton head seemed to appreciate the effort:

One of the five heads wearing a bright pink crochet beret

So much, in fact, he spent the afternoon watching Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron in An American in Paris, and when the movie was over, I lined up the new crochet skull with the four other crochet heads, and I got this group photo:

Frive crochet heads: a mummy, a shrunken head, a pumpkin head, a devil head, and a skeleton head

When I began this crochet adventure with Aimee Borst’s Mr. Bone Headz pattern, I didn’t know where it would lead me, but over these weeks, I have learned about how to put crochet pieces together in new-to-me and interesting ways—one stitch at a time.

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