The joy of crocheting a little granny rectangle rug

Long time readers of my blog will know that a decade has passed since I first tried (and failed) to make a large crochet rug. The yarn I purchased for the never-realized project has been packed up in a plastic bin— and I pull out every now and then when I get yet another idea for a super large rug. This weekend, however, I decided to focus on a more modest goal: a little granny rectangle rug to fit under this bookcase I just purchased:

A new bookcase
A new bookcase

Friday I tried organizing my current bookcase. I sorted through my many books, looking for volumes I could rehome. What I found was that even if I were ruthless in culling my collection, I would still be short of space. So I gave up on the idea of downsizing my books and instead decided to upsize my bookcase so that I could get organized. With that in mind, I set out to buy a new (or at least new-to-me) bookcase.

I say “buy” because I find that “shopping” takes infinitely longer than buying, so I limited myself to one store, and I found just what I wanted at an art and antique store within easy walking distance of my home. In anticipation of it’s delivery, I decided that I would make a crochet rug to go under it, and it was then that the long neglected bin of bulky weight yarn came to mind.

After spending more time than seemed reasonable trying one hook and then another, I finally settled on a 6.0 mm hook, and arrived at a stitch configuration that would allow me to crochet a relatively tidy start to a little granny rectangle rug:

The first round of a little granny rectangle rug
One round

With the first round done, I got to work on the second round which took seemingly no time at all:

The second round of a crochet rectangle rug

Then, as I prepared to work on the third round, I was hit with a bout of color indecision. I crocheted three granny shells of the three colors that I had in mind:

Three possible colors for the third round

And once I had all of the the colors available to look at all at once, my first choice revealed itself and I got to work on the third round:

The third round of a crochet rug

Now, I need to select a color for the fourth round, and when I do, I will continue forward, one stitch at a time.

4 thoughts on “The joy of crocheting a little granny rectangle rug

  1. That’s a good start! I always have a hard time choosing colors, so I probably would have just kept going with the same two.

    I like the red! And I like the method you used to choose one over the other. So simple. I probably would have made it harder than it needed to be. Great job!

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