A granny rainbow rectangle rug starts to come to life

When I being work on a crochet project, I often have an overall vision of the finished piece. But the journey from the center of the project to that final vision is sometimes obscured by the details of the stitches and colors that I use to create the object. Such is the case the the granny rainbow rectangle rug.

While I can see in my mind’s eye what I think it will look like when the last stitch is made, the ends woven in and trimmed, and the final blocking is done, I have to remember that until the final round is crocheted, each round of color is simply another stop along the way to my final destination.

After finishing work on the third round of the rug, a red with overtones of orange, I knew that I wanted to crochet a round of green. With three contenders in the bin, I found myself crocheting, then frogging, then crocheting again before deciding on this kiwi inspired color:

Four rounds into a granny rainbow rectangle rug

It was the darkest of the three greens I had to choose from, and like a kiwi, there are undertones of brown that lent and interesting mood to the overall piece.

From there, I added a round of a yellow that is more golden than it looks in the photo, a purple that is exactly as dark as it appears, followed by a slightly-darker-than-creamsicle orange, and then finishing up with a tending-ever-so-slightly toward blue pink:

Eight rounds into a rectangle crochet rug

I am, at the moment, happy with the overall look as well my progress on this granny rainbow rectangle rug, but I know that at some point, I will crochet a color that gives me pause and I will have to move forward, secure in my vision of the finished rug, one stitch at a time.