Flower power

Yesterday, in between traveling to hither and yon and back again, I finished the five remaining flowers needed to make Yoko Hatta’s “Flower Blossom Purse” to make what I thin of as a flower power crochet purse.

Not only did I finish the flowers (including the weaving in and trimming of ends), I also measured and cut the twenty-five lengths of yarn needed to square off and join the flowers, and while (as usual) my progress was nowhere near as fast as I had hoped, I did finish one row:

crochet flowers crochet bag
One row of crochet flowers

and another:

crochet flowers crochet bag crochet purse
Two rows of crochet flowers

and still another:

puff stitch crochet flowers crochet purse
Three rows of crochet flowers

By this time, the sun was beginning to set and my dog Clooney was concerned that if we did not go-right-now, he might miss out on his late afternoon/early evening jaunt. Despite his insistent nudging, I got this one last photo of a detail of the joining before we set out on a walk:

puff stitch crochet flower join as you go detail
Detail of joined puff stitch crochet flowers

I love the texture and joi of this project, and it is hard not to think about how much fun this bag will be when it can finally be put into use.

Projects (like dogs) always seem to have a timetable all their own, and it would seem that this bag (like Clooney’s walk) is destined to be done earlier rather than later, and I can hardly wait.

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