Found crochet

As a result of my recent travels, my work is — to put it mildly — a bit topsy turvy, but because I have a dedicated crochet bag with things to work on and the tools I need to do so, the crochet never has to stop.

So it doesn’t.

And while I might find that I am not able to work on the exact thing I had in mind, with my traveling stash and my hooks and scissors at the ready, I am still able to ply my hook and transform the various bits of yarn I bring with me into whatever suits my fancy.

In this case, my fancy is suited by five-inch rehabbed crochet squares, something I am working on for Project Amigo.

While I had very neatly laid out two nine-patches of future crochet squares when I was in North Carolina, along the way some of those squares and future square either got left behind or were tucked away into corners I don’t at the moment recall.

So instead of looking for things that might or might not be with me, I decided to dive into my magic bag of crochet bits and yarn balls to see what I could find, and what I found were four granny squares, one twelve stitch by twelve row crochet square, and a somewhat ruffly crochet circle.

Using the yarn and the hooks I had with me, I got to work transforming these bits of found crochet into useable squares that could be joined to form a whole that is larger than the sum of the elements, and as my crochet day neared it’s end I got this photo of my progress:

five rehabbed five inch crochet squares and a sixth, nearly completed granny square
Five new rehabbed crochet squares and one waiting in the wings

I was, for the most part, pleased with what I had accomplished, but I was a bit disappointed that I had not yet figured out what to do with these three crochet flowers I had found in my bag of mystery crochet bits:

three highly textured crochet flowers
Three highly textured found crochet flowers

Made at some point in the late sixties or early seventies, I find these flowers almost hypnotic. The red is very red, the stitches are very tidy, and I know that they want to be more than those crochet flowers at the bottom of a blue plastic bag.

So when the sun rises on the new day, I will go back to my bag filled with crochet magic and figure out how to transform these flowers into five-inch squares, one stitch at a time.