Four corners

My current front burner crochet project is one I will be sending to Illinois for inclusion in the Project Linus Conference 2013 blanket challenge, and I call it my Project Linus project

As of Friday, I had gotten this far:

A project Linus crochet blanket in need of three more crochet corners
All of the pieces of the Project Linus project so far

Pretty much everything was done except for three of the four corners.

After looking at the photo above, I realized that the first thing I needed to do was revisit my efforts with the corner that was slated to be Snoopy as “Joe Cool.” The square was a bit too small, and the smile was thinner than I thought would be ideal.

After frogging most of the blue and reworking the corner and replacing the smile that had been worked in a back stitch with a single strand of yarn with a chain stitch (worked with a single strand of yarn), I felt comfortable calling the square done:

Snoopy wearing sunglasses for a crochet square for one corner of the project linus crochet blanket
Snoopy as Joe Cool

Next up was a Woodstock square for the upper right corner. I had a pretty good idea of how I would do everything except the yellow feather mohawk, and while this photograph does not show it, the likeness (when seen in person) is actually pretty good:

Woodstock peers out of a crochet square for one corner of the project linus crochet blanket
Woodstock as himself

With Woodstock and his messy little Mohawk attended to, I felt that I had acquired some of the skills I would need to make the Linus square (which will be in the lower left corner), but I didn’t have time to finish work on his face:

A Linus face crochet square for one corner of a Project Linus crochet blanket
Linus to-be crochet square

The last square I am (at least for the moment) calling the green mystery square, because how I will accomplish what I want to here is still a mystery to me:

A green crochet square for the fourth corner of a Project Linus crochet blanket
Greeen square of mystery

I like each of the squares on their own, but think that together, they create a synergy of joi:

Four crochet squares for a project linus crochet blanket
Four corners group photo

My hope is that tomorrow, I am able to carve out enough time to be able to finish designing these squares and finish joining them as well.

In the meantime, I need to ruminate on the mystery of the green square.