The mini-meta Project Linus project

The problem with having a boundless imagination is that it knows no bounds.

It is not hampered by reason, convenience, prudence, or time. It is more of a “whatever it takes” and “at all costs” sensibility.

Last night, when I found myself having to set aside the “green square of mystery” to write my blog, I knew what I wanted to accomplish, but I had no idea how I would accomplish it.

Having decided that the fourth corner of the Project Linus project should be a representation of the project itself, I had spent more than an hour on efforts that did not work but which were important steps along the way to finding out what would work.

This morning, still groggy from the combination of a too-late evening and a too-early morning, I stumbled on an idea that I thought just might do the trick, and after a morning of errands, I got home and began splitting lengths of my beloved four-strand Red Heart Super Saver yarn into two two-ply strands.

Using my altered two-ply Red Heart Super Saver and a 3.25 mm hook, I spent most of the rest of the day fashioning this mini-meta blanket:

crochet mini-meta afghan applique for a project linus crochet blanket
The mini-meta Project Linus crochet blanket

which I will be appliquéing to the top of the green square:

the crochet mini-meta afghan applique on a crochet corner of the project linus crochet blanket
Solved: the mystery of the green square

I have exactly one errand to run tomorrow morning, and when that is done, I have every intention of coming home to finally finish this project and make my last errand of the day, a trip to the post office to send the completed project to Bloomington, Illinois, so that it can be included in the Project Linus 2013 Blanket Challenge.

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