Generating finishing mojo

As 2011 draws to a close, I have begun to think about what my 2012 crochet goals will be.

One of my goals seems relatively simple: I want to finish more projects than I start.

While simple in theory, the many temptations the internet has to offer in terms of crochet projects makes the goal a challenge, but I think it is a challenge I am up to.

To get a start on setting my intentions for the new year, I spent all of my crochet time today working to finish unfinished projects.

I recently had a house guest stay for a couple of days; this necessitated clearing the bed.

In the course of clearing the bed, I came across any number UFOs (unfinished objects), one of which was this nearly completed bag I made using the pattern known as vintage vertical stripe. (You can find an excellent tutorial here):

So today, when I was looking for project with which to begin, I turned to the recently unearthed tote:

crochet stripe crochet bag
Nearly completed vintage vertical stripe crochet tote with the stripes oriented horizontally

After just 20 minutes with me and my bent-tipped Clover yarn needle, the project was done:

crochet stripe crochet purse
My newly completed vintage vertical stripe crochet tote with the stripes oriented horizontally and both handles attached

I focused the rest of my crochet efforts on the Twinkie Chan buttered toast scarf I began as part of my stash down challenge.

By the time the sun was ready to set, I had finished with all of the crochet work, as well as most of the joining and weaving in of ends:

crochet toast crochet scarf
I nearly complete my Twinkie Chan buttered toast crochet scarf

Tomorrow I will begin my crochet day with a strong cup of coffee and a tub of water in which to soak the two strips of the scarf so that I can pin them into place on my knitter’s block and wait for them to dry.

Then, with some luck and some sunshine, I just might be able to move the buttered toast scarf into the finished column.

4 thoughts on “Generating finishing mojo

  1. love the vintage vertical strip bag… butit also made me wonder…… weren’t you making a stash bag using rug yarn a la Mondrian? Did I miss a post is this also a UFO? Looking forward to new posts, inspiration, and the pure Joy I receive reading them..

  2. The vintage striped bag looks awesome! I love what u chose to do with the toast scarf!! Great idea!

  3. That striped bag is so cute! I may have to put that on my to-do list for the spring/summer. (Yeah, just what we all need – one more project for the to-do list – LOL!) And you are so right about the internet — it is our greatest friend and biggest foe when it comes to project ideas!

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