Gray skies

When I walked to the bus stop with my son this morning, there was a light drizzle making everything damp and a bit soggy. By the time the sun rose on the new day, it was to reveal a panoply of gray from the clouds overhead to the damp asphalt beneath my feet.

While I spent most of my crochet day under these gray skies (making modest progress on a home improvement project of sorts), the most satisfying part was the assembly of a new, large, textured square for the textured squares afghan. The newly minted large, textured square was then joined to its recently completed partner, and then that two-square strip was joined to the first two-square strip I made, and this four-square square was formed:

textured crochet squares
Four large, textured crochet squares assembled and with ends woven in

As difficult as it is for me to work in just one color (and an off-white to boot!), I love the textural details that are emerging:

textured crochet squares
Detail of the textured squares afghan

Maggy Ramsay gave such great care and consideration to the design and construction of this piece, that even the joining technique (right sides together with a single crochet through both loops of both sides being joined) adds an intriguing textural dimension to the back side of the piece:

textured crochet squares
The back of the textured crochet squares afghan with all the ends woven in

My plan (at this point) is to make two more squares, join them to form a rectangle that measures 2 squares by 3 squares, and then border the rectangle with either six or twelve rows.

Today’s rain had the effect of shaking loose the cobwebs. I am hoping that the “mostly sunny to partly cloudy and warmer” weather we are due for tomorrow is just as good at promoting crochet activity as today’s gray skies were.

Video Tutorial: How to make the crochet textured square/magic motif

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  1. your comment…WOW!!! What a piece of art you are creating. I hope it gets center stage in or on its final home. amazing! you are much more tenasious than I….

  2. your comment…P.S., your pics make me want to run my hands over all that texture. it will feel as good as it looks…

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