Squaring up

Today I set out to recapture some much needed crochet mojo and turned my attention to my third rendition of Jan Eaton’s popular “Willow” square, the directions for which can be found on page 106 of her book 200 Crochet blocks for blankets, throws, and afghans.

Yesterday, I managed to eke out this fraction of the motif:

pink crochet square
The first 7 rounds of Jan Eaton’s Willow square

Today, using a 5.0 mm hook and Red Heart Super Saver perfect pink, I completed the last two rounds of yesterday’s square:

pink crochet square
I finish the last two rounds of yesterday’s crochet square

Here it can be seen with its pink compatriots:

three pink crochet squares
The recently completed crochet square with it’s pink compatriots

With the third Willow square completed and the ends woven in, I returned to the textured squares afghan I have been working on.

When I last wrote about this project, I had gotten this far:

large textured crochet squares
Three large crochet squares and one large square to-be

As can be seen in the photo above, while three large squares had been completed, there was still work to be done on the square-to-be in the upper right quadrant.

Today I attempted to finish that large square. This required that I add a six-round border to the two unfinished medium squares.

The first border was added to the square without incident. The second square, however, bedeviled me much as an earlier medium square had.

Despite this, I completed the border just before sunset and got this photo of the previously unbordered medium squares with the three already completed large squares:

crochet textured squares
The textured crochet squares afghan continues to grow

I did not get done nearly all of the crochet I wanted to today, but I did make forward progress.

Tomorrow will not be an entirely errand free day, but I am hoping that I can capture more of the crochet energy that has eluded me and put it to good use.

Video Tutorial: How to make the crochet textured square/magic motif

6 thoughts on “Squaring up

  1. You may not have gotten as far along as you wanted to today, but you did accomplish a good amount. The pink squares are simply lovely. Good for you! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  2. your comment…lol your “worst” day can at times be better than my “best” day,production wise. I prefer the term play, as crocheting to me I try to make playful… keep it up both of your wips are looking awesome!!!!!!

  3. Crochet mojo, like the tide ebbs and wanes……. and one’s best is going to vary on any given day…. celebrating all that you have created and rejoicing in the loveliness that are those pink square!!!! SO delightful!

  4. Love the pink squares! Glad your mojo is back! (Can you send some my way please?..lol)

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