Just one square (almost)

After a day as emotionally draining as yesterday, I would have loved nothing more than to have spent the entire day on my back deck crocheting.

The weather was glorious. A perfect spring day in the first week of January. My back deck was beckoning me to make a French press of coffee, sit down, and enjoy the afternoon and crochet.

But while I was assisting my mom with Toby, her dog, my life went on at it’s usual pace. Dishes and laundry accumulated, mail was delivered and piled on a horizontal surface somewhere in my house, the number of days between me and a deadline that is looming on the horizon was reduced by one, the number of days between me and an unanticipated obligation of unknown duration also was reduced by one.

In short, while time seemed to have been suspended for me, the rest of my life did not get the same memo.

Stuff continued to happen, and as I began to resume my normal life, I found that I had some catching up to do.

I washed and put away dishes. I washed and put away laundry. I made breakfast. I made lunch. I walked the dog. I even went to a home improvement store to survey the options for a much needed home improvement. Somewhere in all of it, I found one brief moment in which I attempted to reclaim my crochet mojo.

With a 5.0mm hook and Red Heart Super Saver in perfect pink, petal pink,and baby pink, I began work on a third rendition of Jan Eaton’s Willow Square.

I had planned on finishing at least three more to add to the two I had already made, but instead, I only got a start on one and did not even finish it completely:

pink crochet square
The first 7 rounds of Jan Eaton’s Willow square

When I situated it between its two completed crochet brethren, I was delighted with the interplay of colors:

pink crochet squares
One almost completed crochet square between two completed crochet squares

I have yet to try all of the possible permutations using my three chosen shades of pink, and the subtle difference between two of the pinks creates and overall effect that is akin to fluttering:

pink crochet squares
Another view of two completed and one almost completed Willow Square

Tomorrow’s weather will not be as inviting as today’s was, but maybe the rigor of the colder temperatures will help me to quickly dispatch with any accumulated chores so that I can once again turn my full attention to my crochet.

9 thoughts on “Just one square (almost)

  1. I adore these pink squares, the way the colours interplay really pleases me.
    I am sorry to hear about your mother’s dog. I know from your blog that she will miss him terribly.

  2. Once again you have stirred the vat of inspiration for me, with more options and patterns than I am able to choose from and a baby blanket that needs to be completed in short order.. this has helped me to make up my mind and settle on the details for my current project… thanx 🙂

  3. Reading about the stress of your day and then seeing that first pink square made the little square appear as an island of calm amidst all the chaos of your day. We are so fortunate to have an escape so readily available when the day becomes too much.

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