The green not crocheted

Sometimes my weekends are filled with as many (and occasionally more) errands than a weekday. This weekend was one such weekend.

As I made my way out the door this morning on my first round of places to go, I put my stuff all in one place where I could take an inventory before heading out the door:

my to go crochet project
I prepare to run errands

and with that, I was off.

I had big dreams.

I would finish four more rounds, I would weave in ends. I would make a visual tutorial so that anyone needing to make a crochet granny rectangle of whatever size could figure it out in how ever many easy steps were necessary.

I didn’t quite get all of those things done.

Instead, after working the 18th round in a second shade of blue, I got a start on a round of Red Heart Super Saver hunter green. I was exactly half-way done with the round when I took this photo:

crochet granny rectangle
The nineteenth round in medias res

I think this really shows how colors interact with each other and can completely alter the character and mood of the colors that came before.

Color does not function in isolation, it is instead influenced by and influences the colors in its immediate vicinity, and I think this photo shows how the green alters the two blues that come before it.

Happy with the effect that the hunter green had on the project as a whole, I continued on my merry crochet way until the round was completed:

granny crochet rectangle
The nineteenth round

And it was here that I found myself like the traveler in Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken,” needing to choose which path to take (in this case which green to crochet), and knowing that my choice would “make all the difference.”

I have two greens that are contenders for round twenty.

On the left is Red Heart Super Saver guava, and on the right is a discontinued acrylic yarn that had been a house brand available at Walmart over 10 years ago:

two green yarns
The green not crocheted

The green on the left is more vibrant and playful, while the green on the right is quieter and hints at something mysterious.

Although I very much wanted to move forward, I decided that the best course of action was to drink this latte:

cafe latte
A latte to fuel my afternoon

and decide what difference I want to make.

5 thoughts on “The green not crocheted

  1. I like the guava, too. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and makes it plain it wants to play with its Nextdoor neighbor, hunter green.

  2. My friend Mary sent me your info. I do the Granny Rectangle and delight in using the pieces if skeins.

    So sorry you lost BW..It sounds like he was a wonderful friend. Rest in Peace.

  3. I think it depends on the person’s personality or where their at in emotions.
    Left for a playful soul, right for a serious soul.

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