Mystery green

When I wrote my last regular installment, I found myself having to decide between two greens: guava on the left and an olive hued “mystery green” on the right:

two green yarns
The green not crocheted

I found the guava to be more vibrant with a hint of mischief while the mystery green was more subdued and mysterious.

After giving it careful thought and realizing that either green could be made to work, I decided to go with the mysterious mystery green.

As I crocheted 3 dc shells all the way around, I second guessed myself but persisted despite the doubts reminding myself that I could frog and recrochet as many times as needed. Eventually the round was done and I was pleased at how it had turned out:

crochet granny rectangle blanket
A round of mystery green

The next round was pretty clear to me. Had I used guava, I would have crocheted the next round in Red Heart Super Saver blue, but as I had gone with mystery green, the next color on my color dance card was Red Heart Super Saver blue suede.

Hook in hand, I worked another round of 3 dc shells, and then got this photo of the back of the project with what was then the most recently completed round:

crochet granny rectangle blanket
Some ends to be woven in on the granny rectangle

Obviously, there were (and still are) a few ends to be woven in and trimmed.

And because I have a stellar imagination and tend to believe that I can fit 48 hours into each day, I thought that I would get at least three more rounds done and weave in all of the ends.

Instead, I wove in a dozen or so ends, trimmed none of them, and didn’t quite finish the twenty-second round which I was working in Craft Smart turquoise:

crochet granny rectangle blanket
An end of day round of Craft Smart turquoise

At this point, I am really enjoying the understated liveliness of this project, and tomorrow when the sun rises on the new day, I will continue to ply my craft the only way possible: one stitch at a time.