Getting my granny rectangle groove

The past two days I have been able to work with the crochet wind at my back.

Colors revealed themselves with little hesitation, I made few mistakes that required frogging, and those mistakes that I did make, I caught early, so any frogging I had to do was relatively painless, and the recrocheting done, seemingly instantaneously.

The weather forecast for both today and yesterday was potentially very rainy with lots of wind, so I readied myself to ride out the storm with a cup of coffee and a bent-tipped yarn needle.

The granny rectangle had grown large enough that weaving in the ends of the center was only going to get more and more awkward, so while I don’t like to weave in ends immediately (in case I change my mind about a color or see an error I want to frog), I needed to get at least some of them done.

Two cups of coffee later, this is how the back of the granny rectangle looked:

crochet granny rectangle
The back granny rectangle with ends woven in and trimmed

So this morning, when after a brief downpour only the wind of the wind and rain that had been forecast arrived, it brought with it the perfect light to crochet by, and I finished not only the 26th round:

crochet granny rectangle
A crochet granny rectangle, twenty-six rounds in

I also finished the twenty-seventh and twenty-eight rounds:

granny rectangle crochet blanket
The first twenty-eight rounds of a crochet granny rectangle

under these lovely gray skies:

gray skies in Raleigh, North Carolina
Crocheting under gray skies

With several late afternoon errands to run and just a bit of daylight left, when time allowed, I crocheted as fast as I could in an effort to finish “one more round,” and I almost did:

granny rectangle crochet blanket
I almost finish the 29th round of the crochet granny rectangle

I did not expect to enjoy this purple-free, red-less, bereft of pink, orange, and yellow yarn project as much as I have, but it does have a character all it’s own that is vibrant and alive, and I can hardly wait to see how it turns out!

3 thoughts on “Getting my granny rectangle groove

  1. I love the way you do colors – you’re like a mad painter with a loaded palette splashing color here and there on the canvas and in the end, each project becomes a work of art. But this piece, “purple-free, red-less, bereft of pink, orange, and yellow” though it may be has the loveliest sense of serenity about it that I’m drawn to it as much as to any of your livelier works. Can’t wait to see the finale!

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