The first thirty-five rounds of a granny rectangle blanket

The granny square rectangle afghan that has claimed my attention of late is, in a strange way, almost crocheting itsef.

While I am the vehicle by which it is being executed, it is as if it were already created before I began work on it.

When I started this project, I had an idea in my head of how I thought it would look when it was done, and I spent an afternoon adapting assorted granny sqaure techniques to my rectangular vision.

Things have pretty much gone swimmingly since that afternoon.

So this Friday, with the weekend looming on the horizon, I did some crochet housekeeping and wove in ends, leaving Saturday free to resume crocheting.

Before the sun set on Saturday I had finished the thirty-second round:

granny rectangle blanket
The first 32 rounds of a granny rectangle

While I was taking Saturday’s late afternoon photos, I also selected colors for the next three rounds, and today when I was not busy with non-crochet related obligations, I was able to crochet all three rounds and get not only this photo which is an accurate overview of the project:

granny rectangle blanket
A granny rectangle blanket 35 rounds in

But two additional photos which are details that (to my mind) better show the interplay of the greens and blues I am using:

Stitch detail of the 3 dc shells
Stitch detail of the 3 dc shells
the center of a green and blue granny rectangle blanket
Another view of the center of the blanket

This project, like this project which I came to call the “Girly Girl Granny Square” blanket:

multicolor crochet square blanket
A final round of perfect pink

is a companion piece of sorts that my mother volunteered me for.

One thing that has been true of both these projects is that while they sat on the back burner for two years, once their time had come, it was as if nothing could stop them.

I don’t know how many rounds I have left to crochet for this particular project, but I am confident that I will know the final round when I crochet it.

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  1. I adore these two!! And always glad to see someone as good with colors as you are agonizing over them as well. 🙂

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