Homage to MoonPie

Chattanooga has an interesting and storied history, an important component of which is the sweet delicacy known as the MoonPie.

I recently graduated from my tenure as a boychoir mom, but today, I was reminded of one particular drive my son and I made recently when we were returning home from one of his many rehearsals.

While I don’t recall what about the conversation prompted the crochet revelation that followed, I do recall that as we traversed a particular stretch of road a couple of miles from our house, the details of a project that had been festering in my brain like a fever came to me in complete detail.

I knew how I would start it, I knew how I would finish it, and more importantly, I knew everything that needed to be done to get from the beginning to the end.

I made no notes about the revelation, and the urgency to act on it had waxed and waned over the past few weeks, but this morning, time, materials, and opportunity converged and with my 4.5 mm hook in hand and Red Heart Super Saver coffee yarn at my side, I began this project as I have begun all of the projects that preceded it: with a chain.

I very quickly (and with only one revision of the original revelation) completed the front of the crochet would-be MoonPie:

crochet MoonPie
The front of my crochet MoonPie tribute

and then, almost just as quickly was able to complete the back of the would-be MoonPie:

crochet MoonPie
The back of my crochet MoonPie tribute

While I have not figured out exactly how I will use this motif, I am delighted to finally have transformed the revelation into a finished object, and I expect that it will be as versatile and fun as the bakery treat that inspired it.

One thought on “Homage to MoonPie

  1. We can definitely talk “Moonpies” down here what with using them as Mardi Gras throws and the New Year’s eve “Moonpie Drop” in Mobile, ha,ha.

    Adorable motif! You could make a cute little Moonpie change purse with it, perhaps.

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