How to crochet your 2020 Halloween

With one languishing crochet project now cleared from my dining table, I am now able to turn my attention to what I plan to make for the upcoming 2020 Halloween.

This past July I started work on a big crochet skeleton using Manic Yarn’s Mr. Yarn Bones pattern. I got sidetracked when I ordered some 14 gauge wire for the interior armature of that project. I wasn’t entirely sure how soon the wire would arrive, but I was impatient to move forward somehow, so I bought a second pattern—Mr Bone Headz Pop Off Head┬ádesign. I really loved the crochet mummy head and my thinking was that while I was waiting for the wire to arrive, I could make a smaller project that would give me more practice understanding how Aimee Borst (aka Manic Yarn) thinks about crochet.

The pattern did not disappoint.

The first thing I did was crochet the mummy head, and while it was great, it was meant for adventure, not sitting on a desk, so I crocheted the skeleton, and soon, the mummy head came to life:

Mr. Headz, the crochet skeleton, all dressed up with nowhere to go

I found the mummy so charming, I made the four other “headz” included in the pattern, and when all was said and done, I thought that these skeletons would be a perfect Halloween gift so I have started working on not one, but two. However, instead of making one and then the other, I decided to work them side-by-side.

Here is how far I got with the “bodies” of the skeletons:

Two future crochet skeleton dolls

But I found that I needed a break—something I could do that would give me a sense of having completed what I started—so I crocheted one of two pumpkin heads that I will need. While I didn’t finish it, I did make substantive progress:

A crochet pumpkin head for 2020 Halloween

I have twenty-three days to crochet for 2020 Halloween, and I will be moving forward each day, one stitch at a time.