Mr. Headz goes for a walk

One thing I was unaware of when I began work on Mr. Headz is that even without an armature of any kind, he would be able to stand on his own two feet (once I got them done), and this afternoon, after I finished work on his right foot, he suggested that now was as good a time as any to go for a walk:

Mr. Headz wanting to know when we can go for a walk

I explained that I had to put my crochet hooks away, weave in and trim his excess ends, get out my camera to take some photos and document the process, but he was having none of it, and he left the room, deciding to go for a walk without me:

Mr. Headz the amigurumi skeleton takes off in search of his arms

Three things that help make it possible for this amigurumi skeleton to stand without an internal armature are the size of the hook used (I ended up using a 3.5 mm for worsted weight yarn because I grabbed the wrong hook as the pattern called for a 3.75 mm), the fact that I used a crochet tension regulator to help keep my tension very firm without pulling my index finger off my hand, and I used the firmest (rather than softest), polyfil I could find, and I stuffed it very firmly.

The result was, to my mind, spectacular.

After I cleared off my desk and caught up to Mr. Headz, I was able to weave in and trim those pesky ends and get him ready for the next part of the process: crocheting the arms:

Mr. Headz the amigurumi skeleton  ready to have his arms crocheted

I only bought the Mr. Headz pattern and started working on him because I am waiting for wire to arrive for the larger skeleton I am crocheting, and I wanted to use the time to continue to familiarize myself with Aimee Borst’s way of thinking about crochet, but now that I have made one, I am sure that I will find myself compelled to make at least one more. Or maybe even two.

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