Mr. Headz gets a left foot

I was working my way down the right side of the skeleton named Mr. Headz, and somewhere in there, I got turned around. As a result, Mr. Headz’s right leg was transformed into a left one, and he now has one left foot:

I crochet a left foot for Mr. Headz

The journey to one left foot, was, for me as a crocheter, an arduous one, and now that it is done, I am going to have to hurry to make the right foot, so that I am able to duplicate my mistake, and give my first ever Mr. Headz some semblance of symmetry.

And as much as I was tempted to pull it all out and frog my way back to that moment where Mr. Headz’s world was turned around exactly 180ยบ, I know that is not the best us of my time, or Mr. Headz’s, so instead of succumbing to the urge to frog, I instead took this photo:

Mr. Headz with his mummy head and a left foot

The photo does two things: one, it documents what I did—both right and wrong, and later it will serve as a reminder of my progress.

With the photos taken, I carefully pulled out the yarn I was using to keep count of the rounds, which gave the skeleton and his mummy head a more polished look:

Sometimes the only way to learn is to make a mistake, and sometimes when you make a mistake the best thing to do is to pull it out and start over. But sometimes, the best thing to do is to acknowledge that good enough is sometimes, exactly that—good enough—and you continue forward, one stitch at a time.

One thought on “Mr. Headz gets a left foot

  1. I love it.
    Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks, “good enough” sometimes.

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