My crochet mummy head starts to get a skeleton

I don’t know what I find so engaging about Aimee Borst’s pop-on crochet mummy head, but whatever it is, I haven’t been able to shake it.

The only thing standing between me and a finished head was a couple of eyes. I was able to remedy that without even leaving the house by splitting a length of black worsted weight yarn (about 3.5′), and then using a 2.75 mm hook to work 12 hdc into a magic ring. In no time at all, my mummy could see the world:

The crochet mummy head gets crochet eyes

With the mummy’s eyes attended to, I felt I absolutely positively had to get started on the skeletal body.

Lucky for me the Mr. Bone Headz Pop Off Head pattern includes a pattern for the crochet skeleton upon which all of the heads (mummy, pumpkin, devil, shrunken, and skull) rest, and I was able to get started right away.

The pattern is a bit of a challenge to my way of thinking of crochet, but despite this fact, I have persisted—pulling out stitches where I have made mistakes, and then pressing forward.

And despite my mistakes and not having the recommended number of stitch markers ready to use, I have still made substantive progress, and when I got to a stopping point, I did.

The Mr Bones Headz crochet skeleton takes shape

There is still stuffing to be done, arms and legs to be crocheted, seams to be closed, and ends to be woven in and trimmed, but I am enjoying this journey—one stitch at a time.